Thursday, April 3, 2008

Assateague Camping Trip 2008

March 27th - 30th

Since last years Fishing trip was a bust, as far as the fishing goes, we decided to try something different so we geared up and Headed to Assateague National Park.

Thursday’s ride down was ok, even with the Moron on the Walt Whitman Bridge.

The Suburban did good pulling the trailer, gas mileage wasn’t too bad, averaged around 7.4 mpg.

Thursday night we pulled in around 11:30, travel time was about 3.5 hours, no traffic.

I was a bit suprised at how full the campground was, but I gues that was due to the fact the Bayside area was closed for renovations and the State Park did not open until the middle of April.

The weather was a bit wacky.

Thursday Night was very windy and cold.

Friday started out with a good breakfast and a Road trip to get some supplies, we needed bait and someone forgot the eggs. ME!

Later that day we tried our luck at some Surf-Fishing we hit a High that day of 79 DEGREES , a few degrees from the record, but the Surf was so rough it was nearly impossible to hold bottom, I was using 6oz. of weight. Should have gotten a few sputnicks.
Gearing up for the Surf

By the looks of the family in the background, they don't know what to make of Bill!!
Note the little boy scratching his head in confusion.

Friday night it was a bit too windy for a fire and later that night it poured like a Bitch!

Saturday a few brave souls tried the surf again, it was windy and extremely cold on the beach, or at least that is what I was told anyway… there was no way I was going to deal with that crap!

Saturday Night the wind died down dramatically and we were able to get a decent fire, however we never did have a chance to get a fire going on the beach.

Wind was so bad Saturday night that it rocked the trailer.

We made a few new friends but they never revisited… I wonder why?

Site was decent, we were close enough to a water station to run a couple of hoses for fill ups, that was awesome due to the fact I forgot to fill the on board water tank when we arrived. The chemical toilets weren’t too bad; they came by and cleaned them every morning.

Heres a pic of the Potty Man:

The new powerstation worked out great, we ran the "genset" a couple of hours a day with a stand-alone charger topping off the batteries in the morning and around dinner time. During quiet hours we ran off battery power and used the inverter for the Television.
Ahhh! Home Sweet Home.

The sleeping arrangements worked out fine. Surprisingly with; 6 Beer Drinking, Chile eating, Jerky chomping dudes, sleeping did not seem to be a problem. There were a few times when I thought the three stooges were in the trailer.

Bill and Adam had their first game of “Testicals” or as Bill calls it “Testicalities”.

Bruce did an excellent job with the morning grub considering it was like cooking inside a "Wind Tunnel" and Bill made some Kick-Ass Paninis.

Meals were good:
Breakfast, Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes (Jim's favorite) Bagel, Sausage Patties and some Kick-ASS coffee. BEER
Lunch, Jim’s Mushroom Shrimp Soup, Chili and Dogs, BEER
Dinner, Turkey and Salami Paninis, Grilled London Broil, Baked Potato, BEER.

Jim and Bill kept us amused with their rendition of the Micky dees commercial "I'm into nuggets YO!" for 72 hours straight.

John was our “Good Will Ambassador” to the other campers. I wonder why they never returned a second time...oh well I guess that will remain a mystery.

And Adam I believe is scarred for life.

Good Food, Good Company, Good Times... what else could you ask for!

Thanks for making this trip an experience I will never forget!